Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bath Wall Cabinet

One last project to finish the bath. It needs a wall cabinet. As with most of my builds it is slow going. First order is butt scratching along with compulsive measuring, followed by several crude drawings. Then rejection of several of the drawings and finally picking one as a rough guide.

Next is digging through the wood pile hoping to find a board or two that will work, if not then a trip to the wood store. Followed by roughing out the needed parts and a few days sitting so the wood can finish most of its stupid wood tricks. Once all that is done, then on to the fun part of cutting and fitting the joinery.

What brought all of this up was after finishing up the case glue up I mentioned to MsBubba that I had done just that....Glued up the case and it looked as if it had gone together well with all the joints tight and square. Of course her commit wasn't, that's good dear but "It sure takes you a long time to finish a project." The woman knows how to cut to the bone.

The case is some nice Cherry from the wood pile, the door frame will be South American Walnut with a spalted Sycamore panel, I'm not sure what will be used for the back and shelves.

Here are some photos of the build so far:

The pins marked.

Sawing out most of the waste.

Chopping the waste.

Pin board ready for glue up.

Case glued up.  BTW, click 'em to big' em.

I had planned on a inset door with knife hinges but I screwed up one of the rebates and had to remove about 15mm of width so I'm going with an overlay door, hinges to be decided later. 


  1. I see we both go about the same way doing projects, and Mrs Bob has often similar comments.
    Years ago her favorite tease was: It only took Norm 1/2 hrs to make his... :-)

    The curse of DIY TV

  2. Hi Ken,
    I find that I can skip the drawings if I rub my bald spot.

  3. Bob, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that gets no respect.

    Ralph, if I didn't make a drawing I'd never figure out which set of numbers go with which project.

    BTW, after glue up the box shifted and was 5mm out of square when I removed the clamps this morning. Hot hide glue to the rescue, soaked the two diagonals applied a little heat and re-clamped it. Less than a mm out now. Damn I love hide glue.