Monday, April 13, 2015

First Coat Of Oil ON The Bath Vanity

The Bath Vanity base is complete, just needs finishing. I put the first coat of BLO on this AM and will let it set for a day or two before following with Tried & True.

The drawer boxes and the top are next. I expect in spite of what the boss lady wants I'll take my chances and make the top out of South American Walnut. South American Walnut is a little soft but with an oil finish turns almost Ebony black with a brownish under tone. It should like very nice with the Cherry as the Cherry darkens with age.

Drawer boxes, meh, as I looked for the wood to make 'em last night the hunk I need is buried near the bottom of the middle stack. At least that is the 4/4 stack and not the 8/4 stack. Still my energy and back both said no mas, no mas last night and weren't any happier with the thought of digging for it this morning.

Let's see I need a trip to the wood store for the South American Walnut, since I'm there might as well add a nice 4/4 drawer stock board as well.

Here is the back of the Bath Vanity base:

And the front:


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Looking at the drawing (march 13), the left drawer will be a fake drawer?

  2. Sylvain,

    Maybe, I think I can fit a half drawer into the left side but will not know for sure until I set the sink drain. I'm going to make a 1/2 drawer box for it and if it works, use it, of not then a false drawer in its place.


  3. Very nice looking work, was wondering how you are going to hide the plumbing?

  4. Not going to....Just clean it up and leave it exposed.