Monday, August 11, 2014

Holding Boards Flat to Plane

I guess I should post that this is one way to hold a board with stops, battens and holdfast as on a different forum I was taken to task because someone thought I was advocating how I had secured the box side for grooving as the only way and he felt he had a better way, I think it included a wagon vise and/or different use of the holdfasts.....Or maybe to quote Frank Zappa from Joe's Garage "With Leather"....Go figure.

I have a stop curing so for this photo I used a dog as a stop, either will work well. Anyway this is my goto set up for planing the face of boards that are too long to use the face vise. It is quick and easy and if the boards are the same length or you are working both faces when finished with one you can just pick the board up and replace it.

A overview with out the plane:


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