Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Any Excuse

I'm a little time constrained today. MsOK will arrive around 1515 MST and I'm expected to be there for the drive home. She's been gone so long I may need a cardboard sign with MsOK written on it.  It's not bad duty but it interrupts the day I had planned in the shop finishing up a couple of small projects and making a saw bench.

I dimensioned some cherry and maple last night for a small box and even cut the tails with plans to pick it up and finish this AM along with the saw bench. When I awoke this morning I looked around the house and thought "self, you and the critters have been home alone for more than a week. It ain't pretty, and if you want to live to see another day maybe you need to get the vacuum out and do a dish or two." There went the morning in the shop. The house will not pass a white glove inspection but if you squint it looks OK. I even did poop patrol in the back garden and in front of MsOK's studio, that should be good for a couple of Attaboy's, though I doubt it.  

Once I made it to the shop I remembered the #4 Woodriver that I use almost ever day still has the OEM iron, that just can not stand. I dug around in my pile of Stanley #4s and found a couple or three with Hock irons. I exchanged Woodriver for a Hock and set up my back flatting kit. BTW, did I ever mention I suffer from OFD and I'm easily distracted.

With one eye on FlightAware, I'm almost finished flatting the back. There is just one pesky scratch in the left corner to go and then it can be polished. I wish I could find a short cut to a flat back, I've tried most stones, grinders, you name it, but nothing works other than time, patience and being careful on a known flat surface.

My flatting kit is a granite cutoff, PSA wet/dry sandpaper, a iron holder with two rare earth magnets, a 20X  loupe, and time and patience. As I said earlier I wish there were a shortcut and if anyone knows of one I hope you will share.

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