Sunday, June 26, 2005

Life as an ExPat

When living in the third world small things make a big difference. Meat, except for pork, is no problem in Khartoum. It is cheap and very good, whole beef back straps run less than $20 US, I bought a couple of dozen lamb rib chops for a little over $10 US the other night. Grilled lamb ribs, rice, and some cucumbers in yogurt make a great meal. There are a couple of things missing...vegs and cheese. Today I found cheese, wonderful, beautiful cheese. cheddar, blue, swiss, even a couple of soft ones. Life is good.

BTW one of the local cheeses would make great enchiladas if only I could find some masa.

Now all I need is a source for some good tomatoes, asparagus, or lettuce. I would kill for green beans :-) .

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