Thursday, July 31, 2014

First Post AB (After Bench)

I can't stay away....I used the bench last night and missed having the lower shelf so this AM I installed ledgers around the lower stretchers, cut and fitted a shelf. The bench lost a little beauty because I used what wood was available and easy to get to. In other words scrap, two hunks of Poplar, a piece of Maple, and the rest Red Oak. Of course as soon as the BLO hit the Poplar it turned a bright neon green, the Maple has no color and the Red Oak looks very nice. I expect when I find and can get to enough Red Oak the harlequin wood will be replaced.

I'm going to make a little box or something that is small, requires dovetails, and can be finished quickly this afternoon. In fact my gift Candle Box stock is low, I have several different cans of Milk Paint in wonderful colors....I may have a project.

In addition there are a couple of things around Casa Chaos that have been neglected for the last couple of weeks....Time to get a some ataboys from the old gal, they come few and far between when I'm lost in a big project. I expect my ataboy stock like my Candle Box stock is pretty low right now.

See you on down the road.


  1. Ken are you sure that you'll change out the boards on the shelf? Once they are covered up .....

  2. Ralph,

    I expect you are correct, once they are covered with dust, tools, and appliances other things will step forward and the shelf will move into the someday list. That Poplar sure is neon green right now :-). I know as it is exposed to air and light it will change but....