Friday, July 25, 2014

A Couple of Photos

The first leg set is ready, there is a slight pull of the lamination on the right leg, it's not deep but I will watch it and see if it increases. If not I'll add some epoxy to make it look better. The second leg set is on the bench with the tenon bores marked and I've checked it for fit and square. After I finish this cool off break I will pin it together and let it set for a few hours before I do the long stretchers. There is a good chance the bench base will be finished today unless I can find a shinny penny or rabbit to chase. Although if I were a betting man my money would be on tomorrow afternoon.

Here are the draw bore pins ready to be driven home in the second leg set. I know the proper way to make pins is to split out the dowel from straight grain stock but if you pick your dowel carefully commercial dowels work fine.

I just finished pinning the second leg set, it went well. The same routine, hide glue on the tenons, get the stretchers and legs together, clamp and check for square, drive the pins part way in with a dead blow hammer then seat 'em with the framing hammer. This time all the pins seated with no blow ups and the leg set did not shift. It doesn't get better.

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