Friday, July 18, 2014

The Last Shoulder Cut

I haven't done much documentation just mostly photos of completed or near completed stages. That will change a little if I can remember to stop and take photos during the assembly stages.

This is the set up for the shoulder cuts on the stretchers and the last of the set. Next up is cutting the leg tenons. I'll start defining the shoulders on the legs today but I expect it will be saturday before I have the leg tenons finished, work gets in the way of life.

I have to do my every six month fly the Sim even if I don't want too this afternoon. With two old, deaf, and blind guys up front and one just as bad on the panel it can get ugly. Oh well, once it is over it is over for another six months.

Another view:


  1. Are you saying I should look in the cockpit of a plane to make sue you're no t sitting in the left seat?

  2. Ralph,

    If you ever see me in the pilot's seat run as fast as you can :-).

    I'm still better than the average bear but no where near the pilot I was in my prime, which is why I retired from flying 7 years ago. Now I have the best of all worlds, I get to drink bad airport coffee, tell "there I waz" stories, get paid for it, and do not have to strap an airplane to my ass for 7, 8 or more time zones at a time. Life is good in the desert.