Monday, July 28, 2014

Large Slab Mortices Finished

After a short break to cool the core and let my noodle arm recover, I will remove the #52 from the current bench and mount it on the large slab. Talk about confidence, I sure hope it isn't misplaced because I'm going to move and fit the large slab without help. Maybe :-). If it doesn't work I'll be high and dry until I can find some muscle to help.

If it does, I'll wrestle the old bench into it's new place, push the new one into the old spot and pin the slabs.  It's a shame I'm on the wagon, if everything works it will deserve a period of sitting on the shop stool with beer in hand and just admiring the build.

Whatever, I have to work today and tomorrow. The bench will be finished this week, today, tomorrow, or the next it makes no never mind.

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  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Seeing the workshop picture of the previous post, it might be possible to rotate the big slab to transfer it to the installed little slab without having to really heave it and then flip it.