Saturday, July 12, 2014

I Lost a Couple of Days

I had hoped to finish the bench or at least get it up-right by Sunday, will not happen because I lost a couple of days. One driving up to Alpine with a friend and yesterday because of work....Not a biggie, stuff happens. The way it looks now I hope to be up-right the last week of the month, it should be a good time table and still not too bad productivity, six weeks from milling the first board to being up-right. I can live with that.

I'm in the shop today and will be tomorrow fitting stretchers to the legs. It is pretty slow going for no other reason than every thing is big, heavy, thick and the shop is hot. Once all the stretchers are fitted, I'll pin the draw bores and place the base on top of the slab to mark the mortices. I figure the slab mortices will be about 45mm wide, 60mm deep, and 125-130mm long. I still haven't figured out "how". I don't have a 45mm pig sticker :-), I do have a bevel edge chisel in that range that could work or maybe a electric router. I hate electric routers with a passion normally reserved for bible thumpers knocking on my door but this may be the time to blow the dust off one of 'em, a routers not a bible thumper, and go at it..

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    Large mortise
    look at the 3 last pictures here:

    other method: