Wednesday, September 28, 2016

More Shop Changes

The shop is about as messy as can be but I've some photos of the new basic layout. I expect there will be several days of re-hooking up dust collection, sweeping, picking up stuff and either finding a new home or putting it in the trash....In other words a few days before it will be a functional shop.

First image is from the left end of the joinery bench. The drill press is near the right end as is the lathe. The tool box is set so as to be easily assessable from either work bench.

This photo is from the right end of the joinery bench. The sharpening bench is off the left end of the joinery bench also easily assessable from either bench.

Next is from the joinery bench looking out the shop with the planing bench in the foreground. I lowered the planing bench to 800mm, about 31". the joinery bench is 900mm, about 35".

One more photo, this one from outside looking into the shop.

For now I've moved the 8" joiner into the "tool room" for storage until I figure what to do with it. If anyone local or doesn't mind a drive wants a joiner, it is a good one. It just doesn't earn its required floor space anymore. BTW, even with the mess the shop feels better. I expect once cleaned up and connected it will function much better.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Shop Changes

In the never ending quest to fit 20 lbs of stuff into a 5 lb shop I will be moving stuff and changing work flow. The two big changes are going to be lowering the secondary bench 100mm (4" for Bob and other metric challenged folks) and then moving it off the wall to a place in front of the main bench. The secondary bench will become my stock prep bench and the primary bench will be used for joinery. With the repaired shoulder I need a lower bench for planing. I do not have enough strength or endurance to plane with my arms plus I'm using wood stock planes much more than before.

To make room the 8" joiner will be retired to a place along the back wall, maybe even into the tool room until it can be sold or disposed of in some way. If anyone would like a 8" joiner with a Bird head now is the time to speak up. It is FOB Tucson and I'm not interested in shipping unless someone wants to pay way more than the joiner is worth.

The bandsaw will move into the joiner slot or at least close to it. I'm not sure where the drill press will go but it is used too much to not have a good home. The 20" planer and the table saw are hard calls, I still use both on occasion. Could I do without? Yep, but for now they earn their space, kinda.

The tool chest will move to the right end of the two benches to ease tool access for the prep bench.

BTW, yesterday's lowering of the tool cabinet and plane till 100mm has really made a big difference in ease of work flow.

Photos once everything is in its new home.

Morning After

Restless night last night, I'm not sure what's to blame TV, whisky, or the late night iced coffee but not a lot of sleep. Of course it could be today is my last full day of no adult supervision. The critters and I will have to beaver away to cover the tracks of almost a month of high living and just over a day to get it done.

On to other things. I've a couple of Atkins panel saws. One is 20" with, as best I can count, 15 or 16 tpi. The other is 22" stamped 7 tpi. Neither is filed as I would like for a panel saw to be filed. I'd like the big one to be filed 10 tpi rip and the small one either 11 or 12 tpi rip.

I'm not up to changing either one. I'm going to contact Mark at Bad Axe to re-punch the tooth line. BTW, the things you find when digging around in the shop. These two were stored away with a pile saws I got from a guy that needed gas money to get home. They have been in the shop two or three years and I didn't have a clue they were in the pile.

Anyway here are a couple of photos:

The 20"

The 22"

As always, click 'em to big 'em,


Monday, September 26, 2016

Made it Through

Miracle of miracle I made it through and can still stand....I've got to admit it was touch and go. What an Ass.

It's Whisky Now

All I can say is the only way to watch is with the help of a good 12 year old single malt. Damn the morning headache.

Changing Shop Fixtures

I spent a little time in the never ending quest for the perfect shop setup. Today's was a biggie, I moved one cabinet and the plane till down about 125mm. That's not a big change but it brings the plane till down just enough to make it easier to reach the planes and the chisels stored in the plane till.

Notice the Martini on the work bench, there will be a better view to follow:

The day is over and either whiskey or martini is a good way to celebrate a productive day. 

Depending on how the night goes there may more than a few more while I yell at the TV.

It is going to be a long month and a few days and I expect a few sleepless nights before it is over.

See you guys on down the road,


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tarantulas In The Kitchen

A mystery here in Casa Chaos. In the last week I've had two tarantulas taking a stroll across the kitchen floor. The first one was huge and black, this one was smaller (it's all relative) and brown. I've not a clue how or why they got in the kitchen. They are much to big to just work through a crack and too slow to dart in through a open door.

Anyway I'm getting pretty good using the metal strainer and cardboard to capture and release. I need to remember to take a photo if there is a next time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Working in the Shop

I started a small project this AM. To kill time while I couldn't work in the shop I watched several of Richard Maguire's videos. If you haven't watched any of the English Woodworker's videos you really should, Richard is a hoot and a good teacher.  One I really liked was the "Side Table" build. The part that hooked me was Ebonising the legs. That I have to try.

Anyway cutting to the chase, I'm building a similar side table but with a Cherry top and White Oak stretchers and legs. This morning I started prepping the stock and did the top glue up.

A couple of photos. Cutting White Oak for the legs:

Ripping the leg stock:

It felt good but no endurance, I needed a couple of breaks while ripping the legs.

And one of the top glue up:

As always, click 'em to big 'em.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

NYC Pressure Cooker Bomb

The bombing in NYC reminded me of a photo I've posted before of a pressure cooker bomb. A very simple device, motorcycle battery, some kind of timing device, and a large (in this case, the one in NYC is believed to be much smaller) pressure cooker filled with an explosive. Cheap but can be very effective.

The pressure cooker bomb pictured was found on the Kabul airport and is now in the Afghan Munitions Museum, the fellow standing is the Museum Curator.  The one kneeling was our base manager. 

Always remember the purpose of terrorism isn't the death and destruction but to make people do dumb things, to make people over react and self destruct. After 9/11 it worked like a charm. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tools are Good

Life would be diminished without access to tools. Of all the things in my life, job, home, I hate to admit even personal relationships would be lessened with out tools. Tools are so much a part of who I am and my life I can not conceive of life with out a shop, a studio, or some other area where with tools I can fix and/or create.

 All of that leads to: The last couple of months have been very difficult because I have been unable to work in the shop, to use my tools. Today that changed, not greatly but for the first time in months I made "something". something very simple but at least "something".

As I have posted, a used motorhome followed me home a week or two ago. It is an entry level Diesel Pusher with most of the bells but being entry level some of the cabinet work is less than great. One of the less than great things are the shelves. With tools an easy fix. A piece of 12mm Baltic Birch Ply, a 4/4 Red Oak cutoff and an hour or so of farting around in the shop and I have replacement shelves as good as any from a top line Motorhome. Tools are good.

BTW, one of my favorite quotes is from Kurt Vonnegut: "I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."  Tools allow me to fart around.