Friday, August 15, 2014

What a Waste

Not much will happen in the shop today although I did make a new arm for my 12" bow saw this morning. I guess I'm pretty ham handed, I keep splitting the arms. Before the arms have been made of Hickory, this time I'm trying some Beech. I doubt it will change anything but......

I've spent several thousand USDs over the last couple of months trying to save one of my back molars with no joy, I'm booked to have it yanked out at 1000. I expect the rest of the day will be spent sleeping off the sedative. BTW, the reason for the sedative is back in the early 90s a wisdom tooth procedure went South and I ended up staying several weeks in the hospital and a metal plate holding my jaw together. Can you say dentists suck pond water?

What a waste of a day off.

On another note, I picked up my little Honda VTX 1300 from the shop and got it off the bike trailer yesterday. While it was there they replaced the HK Sideburners with the OEM exhaust, much better and i'll bet the neighbors will be happier.

Here's MsOK and I posing on it a few years ago. I still haven't decided what to do with it, It is a great little bike but the boy child no longer wants it, which is the reason it is back in Tucson and the Sideburners are off.  I did my first Iron Butt ride on it, but I don't really ride enough any more to justify one bike much less three. My guess is I will end up selling the VTX and the Kawasaki and keep the Goldwing.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Holding Boards Flat to Plane

I guess I should post that this is one way to hold a board with stops, battens and holdfast as on a different forum I was taken to task because someone thought I was advocating how I had secured the box side for grooving as the only way and he felt he had a better way, I think it included a wagon vise and/or different use of the holdfasts.....Or maybe to quote Frank Zappa from Joe's Garage "With Leather"....Go figure.

I have a stop curing so for this photo I used a dog as a stop, either will work well. Anyway this is my goto set up for planing the face of boards that are too long to use the face vise. It is quick and easy and if the boards are the same length or you are working both faces when finished with one you can just pick the board up and replace it.

A overview with out the plane:


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Why I Don't Need No Stinking Tail Vise :-)

You folks please correct me if I'm wrong. The major function a tail vise, wagon vise or what ever serves is to hold long boards flat on the bench between dogs for face planing, cutting rebates, or grooves. Here is how I hold boards for two of the big three:

Here it is with the groove for the bottom partially cut:

Once I finish with thse bottom grooves I will drill the holdfast holes for the "bird's mouth" batten I use with a stop and a holdfast to secure boards for face planing, taking care of the rest of the big three jobs for a tail vise.

I think for each of these jobs, holdfasts, battens, and stops will do the job as fast or maybe faster than using a tail vise and with little chance of bowing thin stock.

BTW, notice my row of dog holes are slightly more "inboard" than they would be if the bench had a tail vise.

Photos of a face planing set up to follow.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

A2 vs. PM-11

Let me state up front this is not a A-2 bashing thread, my experience with working a well sharpened A-2 iron in a plane vs. either an O-1 or a PM-11 if it were a "blind" test I doubt I could tell the difference. Sharpening is another story and that is the reason I prefer either O-1 or PM-11 irons.

As I posted awhile back LN no longer offers O-1 in their planes. Which is a shame because LN made a good O-1 iron for their line of planes and I prefer the Bailey style adjuster to the Norris style of the LV planes. More than likely that preference is just "because" but whatever it is what I prefer. BTW. I have a LV #4 and use it, it is a very nice plane with good features but....I ordered a LN #4 the other day with the A-2 iron.

Last night I finally got around to prepping the LN #4 for use. After an hour of working on the back of the A-2 iron I remembered I had a new in the box with chip breaker LV 2" PM-11 iron on the shelf. Out it came and on to the 3mu diamond "stone". BTW, I knew that starting on the 3mu stone would work because I've used several of the new LV irons and they are all perfectly flat and only need polishing. After no more than 30 seconds on the 3mu stone and a few strokes on the 0.5mu "strop" I had a good back.

Like I said earlier I had already spent over an hour on the back of the A-2 running through my diamond stones going so far as to dig out the Extra-Extra Course one and all the A-2 did was laugh at the effort by skittering across the stones. I guess the bottom line of why I don't like A-2 is not just the time it takes to get a good edge it is also the "feel" on the stones. I just do not get good feed back while sharpening A-2 and much of my sharpening depends on how the iron feels on the stone. Maybe if I worked more with A-2 I could develop that feel but the question is why......What does A-2 bring to the table that would make the effort worth while?

One other thing I found interesting: The LV chip breaker doesn't seem to work with LN planes. Not a biggie, my new LN #4 now has a LV PM-11 iron and a LN chip breaker with the LV chip breaker screw (I like the LV chip breaker screw, it is knurled and has a shoulder) and is a really sweet working plane. Damn I can be picky :-).

The iron on the left is the A-2 LN after more than an hour of work. The one on the right is the LV PM-11 after maybe 1 minute of work.

A better image:

I expect it will just be SOP, order a LV PM-11 or O-1 iron when I order a new LN plane. Adds to the cost but I'm too old to spend time flatting backs on irons. That's the bad news, the good is I don't need any new planes, of course need and want are two different things.

Friday, August 01, 2014

I Lied,One More Bench Photo

I just realized I didn't post a photo of the completed bench. I've seen freshly planed Poplar go green with a oil finish but never as bright or as neon green as this did, oh well it will tone down. Of course MsOK loved it.

In the last post I alluded to glueing my dovetails during the first fitting....Part of the reason was I knew the last set were a little tight and at least half my dovetail "splits" are when pulling slightly tight dovetails apart to add glue.  Now they might have split in time anyway but.....

Needless to say, I've a destined for firewood box. Shame, it was a nice box but it will give me an excuse to make another and I am going to glue the next one direct from the saw and chisel.

Back To Woodworking

I used the bench to destroy some wood last night and this AM. It is for sure a workbench now,  I've a couple of chisel marks on it from chopping waste from dovetails and a hammer mark from earlier. I thought about using a backing board but discarded it, I know me....using a backing board would have drove me barking mad and lasted a few weeks at most. I might as well get over the new bench and let the top be marked up, it's a workbench not a piece of furniture.

It was good to have a small saw in hand and work on a small project. I discovered something I've suspected, I'm blind as a bat up close and my glasses are useless. It is damn hard to saw to a line if the line is a fuzzy, blurry, kinda I think it is there, mark on a hunk of wood. I put on my "reading glasses" and suddenly the blue birds are singing, the sun is out and there are white fluffy clouds in the bright blue sky. Mein Fuhrer, I can see, I can see. Ok maybe a little overboard but that was how it felt.

Anyway, in a sec I'm back out to the shop, to knock the box apart and then glue it up...I need to start doing the Cosman thing and just glue. This will be a painted box, I think it will have a black milk paint base coat with a red milk paint over coat and then maybe wax. Then again it is meant to be a gift box and one of the oil finishes with wax is a lot quicker.

One other bit of kinda bench info. I ordered a LN #8 the other day, my excuse was I expected the bench to need flatting and my old Stanley type 9 #8 might not be up to the job, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Two things: the LN #8 is a beauty, and the bench is as flat as the Texas panhandle with no wind straight off the build. If the slabs do not start doing stupid wood tricks it may be awhile before the LN #8 sees duty.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

First Post AB (After Bench)

I can't stay away....I used the bench last night and missed having the lower shelf so this AM I installed ledgers around the lower stretchers, cut and fitted a shelf. The bench lost a little beauty because I used what wood was available and easy to get to. In other words scrap, two hunks of Poplar, a piece of Maple, and the rest Red Oak. Of course as soon as the BLO hit the Poplar it turned a bright neon green, the Maple has no color and the Red Oak looks very nice. I expect when I find and can get to enough Red Oak the harlequin wood will be replaced.

I'm going to make a little box or something that is small, requires dovetails, and can be finished quickly this afternoon. In fact my gift Candle Box stock is low, I have several different cans of Milk Paint in wonderful colors....I may have a project.

In addition there are a couple of things around Casa Chaos that have been neglected for the last couple of weeks....Time to get a some ataboys from the old gal, they come few and far between when I'm lost in a big project. I expect my ataboy stock like my Candle Box stock is pretty low right now.

See you on down the road.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Last Bench Photo

Ok guys no mas, no mas, this is the last bench photo for now. It is a working bench with dog holes, stops, split fill and tool's done, stick a fork in 'er. The only thing left is a lower shelf and right now because I have a shelf on the other bench I'm leaning towards no shelf on this bench. It is much easier to clean under without a shelf.

I whacked the top with a hammer and there is some tear out from drilling the dog holes so it is now a work bench and I can stop walking by and touching. Still it is my first pretty bench, the one I wanted back when I first started reading Fine Woodworking and buying tools from the Garrett Wade catalog. BTW, thanks to a very good friend, I still have and use the first bench I built out of SYP instead of Beech and most of the tools from Garrett Wade.

The vise on this bench was one of the tools from Garrett Wade and was used as an end vise on the first bench, it has been a good one.

One more: