Saturday, July 26, 2014

Workbench Base is Finished

Home from work, scratched a couple of doggie butts and gave 'em a treat before going to the shop.

I cut and shaped the eight Oak pins and drove 'em home. It went with out a hitch, I was a little worried just because of the size and the last thing I wanted was to blow one of the pins up. It didn't happen and the base drew up square and true. That's all you can hope for.

In thirty or forty minutes some muscle should show up to help move the base off the bench, move the two slabs on, and then set the base upside down on the slabs so I can mark the mortices. Once the mortices are marked we'll set the base aside and I can figure out how I'm chopping, drilling, routing, or what have you the mortices.

How ever I decide, it shouldn't take too long. Once the mortices are finished, I will mount the face vise, set the slabs on the base, do any shimming if necessary and pin the slabs to the base.

Once the benches are moved into their spots, I'll make a fill strip for the "split", add a lower shelf and drill a few 3/4" holes for hold downs and stops. About the only thing left will be making a bench jack.

Every time I build a bench, when I get to this point in the build I start worrying that it will not be as good as the old bench. There is that possibility, if in latter posts you see a Beech bench pushed up against the wall and my SYP one in the prime spot you'll know why :-).

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