Saturday, July 26, 2014

More Workbench

The muscle made it over and helped me move the base and slabs for the final stage of the build. It only cost two Gin and Tonics plus two Martinis to move the base off the bench, the slabs on to the bench, the base back on the slabs upside down so I could mark the mortices, then the base off the slabs and off to the side out of the way so I can make the mortices. Cheap at twice the price.

I expect I'm finished in the shop for today, I'll do the mortices early AM and mount the Paramo #52. I think once the mortices are made MsOK will be enough to help me with the slabs but I will call the muscle back over to move the two benches into final position. Just figuring the weight by the BF of Beech in the bench, my guess is the bench will be over 400 lbs. when finished.

The slabs in position and marked, as you can see there will be about a 60mm split:

A view of the mortice markings:

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