Friday, July 04, 2014

Getting To The Short Rows

I had some help this AM and we got the slab ready for mounting to the base. I expect once on the base there will be some final truing but it is close unless the slabs decide to do stupid wood tricks over the next couple of days.

The first two leg blanks are in glue up, once they are off the bench top I will glue up the other two and start the base joinery. If left to myself I'd have a finished bench by Tuesday at the latest but that is not to be....MsOK returns from visiting the kids in Austin and Houston Saturday evening, I'm not sure when she goes back to work but until then I'm sure to have entertainment duties.

BTW, 10' of 230mmX100mm Beech is a heavy sucker, even the small slab at 190mmX100mm is enough to do your back in for a week. I'm glad I decided on a split top, I'm not sure two OFs could handle it if it were 600mm wide.

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