Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Damn I Have a Flat Forehead

My only excuse is most tenon cheeks I cut are not the size of the ones on the work bench. Without thinking when I went to saw off the tenon cheeks I did it as usual. Secure the leg to the bench, set the saw in the knife line and start sawing across the cheek....As posted earlier: Wrong move Bubba. So this morning I did it as if sawing the tenon, start the kerf across the cheek then down the cheek to a 45 across, flip the leg and do the other side down the cheek to a 45 across and then saw out the pyramid in the middle. Works like a charm.

I still have some chisel work to do on the first leg but that's life. Some day I may have to do something about the flat spot on my forehead.


  1. Have you got stooped shoulders too? If not blame it on Bubba.

  2. The good news for the paring is there are good lands to use as a reference surface, the bad....There is a heck of a lot of wood to remove on a couple of the shoulders. By the time I finish I will look like Bubba, figure at least a half dozen sharpening's to finish if I use the Ashley Iles.