Monday, July 28, 2014

Benches in Place

I did some pushing and shoving and the benches are in place. Other things need moving such as the drill press and the swamp cooler but the shop is useable so I can finish the bench. First up will be pegging and Spaxing the slabs to the base followed by making a split "fill and tool holder". I expect I will cut the slab to length before installing the lower shelf on the stretchers and someplace in there will be a coat of BLO.

This photo shows the old bench in place with the back side of the new bench. I will re-install the leg vise on the old bench and will have two fully functional benches along with a sharpening bench on the other side of the shop.


The working side:


  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Very nice. I like the balance between the size of the legs and the top.

  2. I've always made my benches from construction grade SYP. They have all been good benches, in fact I'm still using one I made over 40 years ago but I wanted a pretty one before I died and this is it. Thanks I think the harmony of elements on this bench are very nice, nothing looks too clunky.

    Now I need to take a hammer and a glue bottle to it so I can get some work done.