Monday, July 07, 2014

Marking Out

I spent the early AM, before it gets so hot sweat gets in my eyes, marking out the legs of the bench. I don't know about anyone else but the marking out phase is where I worry the most. No real reason to other than a mistake, a wrongly placed line or mark, can really ruin your day when the chisel or saw hits the wood. It is a measure twice, mark once process for me. Then once finished walk away and have a cup of coffee or tea, geek a little, anything to spend a little time away so when I go back to the shop I'm looking at the marks with fresh eyes and seeing what's there not what I want to see.

Back out to get up close and personal the the 1/2" pig sticker. BTW, I know it is strange but chopping mortices with a pig sticker is one of my favorite processes. It is almost Zen like, place the chisel, whack it with sensitivity, push to remove wood that is not mortice, do it again until everything that is not a mortice is gone.  Rinse and repeat.


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  1. You might try a head band for the sweating. I bought a boat load of cheap ones from Wally World and I've gone through 6-8 of them in one day.