Thursday, July 24, 2014

0600 and Sweating Like a Pig

I'm truing the last of the shoulders on the bench legs, just a couple to go but......The sun is barely peeking over the mountains and I need a break. That is Monsoon in the desert, during most of the year once the sun goes down the desert cools into the 70Fs or below and it doesn't really heat up until after 1000.

Not so during Monsoon, the RH is so high the temperature will stay high all night, the last two nights it never got below the low90s-high 80s and mid afternoon temps are around 110F or above. The other problem is swamp coolers are ineffective, it really limits productive shop time.

Enough kvetching,  it is what it is and I'm almost ready to start pining the base together. I have a short Sim schedule today then three off, two long days on, then five off. I should be able to have the bench upright and functioning by the end of the month.

If it works out, the bench build will have been less than six weeks. A couple or three weeks more than it should but in reality not too bad for an old fart that's working full time on the day job as well as keeping Casa Chaos functioning, and entertaining two big stinking and hairy Labs, Sam the Wonder Dog and Sweet Maggie Dog. Life is good.

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