Saturday, July 05, 2014

Love Me Some Wood Stock Plane

Damn, every joint and muscle in my body is rebelling, I keep telling 'em just one more job to go before taking a break, they are screaming "no mas, no mas".  I expect this will be my last work bench build with out a helper, the old body can't take moving and working on work bench sized slabs and legs any more.

The slab is finished, the legs are ready for cutting and chopping the joinery. MsOK comes home tonight near midnight so work on the bench may be slowed for a day or two but if not the base should be ready to join the slab in a couple or three days and the bench standing in a week. But as you know, the best laid plans.......

Cutting the chamfer on the bottom of the legs reminds just how useful a small wood stock plane can be. A block plane does OK and even a #3 will work but my wood stock plane sings. It is the same with shaping the edge of box lids and bases and table tops. It is worth building one if for no other use.


  1. Ken,
    I don't know what a wood stock plane is? It sounds like it is a smoother?

  2. Ralph,

    Just another way to say a wooden plane.This one is about "smoother" sized and is my go to plane for chamfers and most final shaping. On these legs I had used a #3 to clean up saw tracks on the end grain and because the #3 was in hand I started the first set of chamfers with the #3. That didn't last through the first side of the first leg before I had my "go to" wooden plane out. For this type job It just works better, very light, you can hold it with a hand on each side of the iron and really control the cut with a very natural motion. Cutting the same chamfers with a #3 or a #4 my arms will get tired, and with a block plane I don't have as much control.