Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Last Bench Photo

Ok guys no mas, no mas, this is the last bench photo for now. It is a working bench with dog holes, stops, split fill and tool's done, stick a fork in 'er. The only thing left is a lower shelf and right now because I have a shelf on the other bench I'm leaning towards no shelf on this bench. It is much easier to clean under without a shelf.

I whacked the top with a hammer and there is some tear out from drilling the dog holes so it is now a work bench and I can stop walking by and touching. Still it is my first pretty bench, the one I wanted back when I first started reading Fine Woodworking and buying tools from the Garrett Wade catalog. BTW, thanks to a very good friend, I still have and use the first bench I built out of SYP instead of Beech and most of the tools from Garrett Wade.

The vise on this bench was one of the tools from Garrett Wade and was used as an end vise on the first bench, it has been a good one.

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