Friday, August 01, 2014

Back To Woodworking

I used the bench to destroy some wood last night and this AM. It is for sure a workbench now,  I've a couple of chisel marks on it from chopping waste from dovetails and a hammer mark from earlier. I thought about using a backing board but discarded it, I know me....using a backing board would have drove me barking mad and lasted a few weeks at most. I might as well get over the new bench and let the top be marked up, it's a workbench not a piece of furniture.

It was good to have a small saw in hand and work on a small project. I discovered something I've suspected, I'm blind as a bat up close and my glasses are useless. It is damn hard to saw to a line if the line is a fuzzy, blurry, kinda I think it is there, mark on a hunk of wood. I put on my "reading glasses" and suddenly the blue birds are singing, the sun is out and there are white fluffy clouds in the bright blue sky. Mein Fuhrer, I can see, I can see. Ok maybe a little overboard but that was how it felt.

Anyway, in a sec I'm back out to the shop, to knock the box apart and then glue it up...I need to start doing the Cosman thing and just glue. This will be a painted box, I think it will have a black milk paint base coat with a red milk paint over coat and then maybe wax. Then again it is meant to be a gift box and one of the oil finishes with wax is a lot quicker.

One other bit of kinda bench info. I ordered a LN #8 the other day, my excuse was I expected the bench to need flatting and my old Stanley type 9 #8 might not be up to the job, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Two things: the LN #8 is a beauty, and the bench is as flat as the Texas panhandle with no wind straight off the build. If the slabs do not start doing stupid wood tricks it may be awhile before the LN #8 sees duty.

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