Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I broke down the 12/4 Poplar yesterday into four legs (still two legs to a blank) and two long stretchers. Wrestling around the two hunks of timber and getting them through the bandsaw by myself was interesting. I ain't as strong nor is my back as able as it was when I was a pup.

Here are the parts ready to start prepping to working dimensions.

If work forgets I exist, today is my last day for the week. We have thought about going to Mexico for a four day weekend but It looks to be a little cool for the beach. Still a coin flip which way we go. Beer and tacos or honey do's, I'm not sure which will win, kinda above my pay grade.



  1. My vote is for Tacos and Beers:-)
    Good luck
    Bob and Rudy

  2. Bob,

    Honey do's won....Oh well whisky, and a fire with the full moon ain't too bad.

    The honey do's are another story. We are having folks over on the 22nd and SWMBO wants lights and power in the back garden. Have I ever told you how much hate pulling wire.

    Ken with two big hairy, one wet, critters under the desk.