Monday, February 05, 2018

Planing White Oak

It's magical, the sound and feel of a well set up and sharp iron on wood.

I'm cleaning up the parts of the kitchen cart in preparation for glue up. I'm using one of my favorite planes, a type 9 41/2 with an after market Japanese laminated cutter and a OEM cap iron. It sings on White Oak, it doesn't get much better than the sound and feel of a sharp iron on wood.

The only problem, if it is a problem, one leg between sharpening is about all you can expect. White Oak is pretty tough on the iron. That's the bad news, the good is the Japanese blade is easy and quick to bring back to a perfect singing edge.



  1. Steve D5:51 PM

    Maybe a Japanese iron will be a good use of my Super Bowl pool winnings...

  2. Steve,

    I think I got this one from Stu at Tools from Japan. They do not cost much and are good irons, thin like a OEM iron and easy to work. I wish I could find a good source for OEM style cap irons to go with replacement iron.