Saturday, February 03, 2018

MsBubba's Kitchen Cart

I'm making progress on the kitchen cart. Most of the joinery is done, I just need to make a couple of grooves in the bottom short stretches to hold the shelf slats and make rabbets in the slats to fit the grooves.

The cart is together so I can measure the slats and determine which and where the rest of the joints need tweaking. Make a Hard Maple glue up top, a drawer, clean up all the show faces, and install the casters before the fat lady sings.

With my schedule for the next couple of weeks it may take a couple or three weeks to finish. Still it is good to have the heavy lifting done.

Some photos, the colors are off, I tweaked 'em as much as I could without really going into the Photoshop weeds BTW, BTDT for years and no longer have the energy or need. The legs are White Oak and the stretchers are Cherry.



These colors are close but a little yellow:

As always....Click 'em to big 'em,



  1. Hi Ken

    The kitchen cart looks like it is progressing real fine.
    Having the main part complete is always a comfort, then it is basically downhill from that moment.

    I think our Net connection is acting up, cause I commented yesterday, but apparently the cyberspace is eating my comments at the moment..


    1. Jonas,

      Yeah, I saw on email you had left a comment but when I went to the blog it wasn't there. I thought you might have deleted it, if you had, I was going to ask how? :-)

      It's going pretty fast now, if I can stay out of MsBubba's line of sight for the rest of the day I might even get it glued up. I doubt that will happen but it could.


  2. That looks nice.

  3. Ha ha the line of sight syndrome :-)
    You can run, but you cant escape he he

    Funny how some woods are more difficult to photograph well, change the light a smidge and all the colors changes.. Almost done on my BBM wood pieces, really love what I found under all the grime, it cleaned up and waxed beautifully, but damn hard to photograph...

    Bob, about to go to its weekly Rotary meetings