Sunday, February 25, 2018


Just as I feared, figured, best guessed, I knew it would but did it anyway, the Cherry top split. I don't know if you can see but the top left and bottom right mortises have split almost full length of the top.

Problem is I didn't have any Poplar or other split resistant wood of the correct size in the wood pile and I did have this Cherry cut off. This was a trial build so what the hell, might as well use the Cherry.

The good news is the legs are fine and all I have to do is make another top out of a wood that does not split as easily as Cherry. The other good news is I learned a bit about chair making which bottom line this is about. Baby steps dontcha know.



  1. Still looks like a sizeable chunk of the cherry could be used for something else. Did it split when you drove the legs home or when you drilled the holes for them?

    1. Ralph,

      It was pretty much just a cut off, now it is a smaller cutoff. Yeah, me and Lumpy got a little too enthusiastic. Drilling and reaming were no problem.

      I kinda expected this outcome from experience with Cherry. It is not a big loss, this was more a prototype than anything else and the important lessons were learned.