Friday, February 09, 2018

For The Folks Up In The North Woods :-)

Driving home from work at noon my truck's thermometer read 82F/28C. Not too shabby for the second week in Feb.

I love the desert Southwest even in Aug.

The OF that was going to help with the kitchen cart glue up came down with a bad back yesterday so I'm either going to do it alone or enlist MsBubba. With MsBubba it could be even more fun than with the other OF. I'm not sure I'm brave enough.



  1. From the folks up north... today it was -3 C, not bad indeed for a Feb day :-)

    Bob, brushing off the snow off Rudy Artic parka and his snow shoes :-)

  2. Anonymous1:08 AM

    I grew up in I live in Anchorage. Got to the jobsite this morning in a balmy 4 degrees F. I'll take that over 80 degrees in February any day.

    1. Anon,

      Some folks are just sick puppies :-). I'm not sure who. BTW, BTDT both places.


  3. Bob,

    I spent the afternoon drying Maggie off from her Esther Williams routine :-). MsBubba tells me this coming week is going to be down into the 6o's with some rain.....Burrrr.