Thursday, February 01, 2018

Plow Planes

I've been posting about my adventures buying wood plow planes off eBay and a little on fixing  and correcting problems with the plows. There is much happiness in Casa Chaos tonight. The postman left the next to last plow from eBay. I have one more to come next week. Most of the plows no matter the cost have needed some work to function as a user plow. In fact cost and appearance have had little to do with the amount of fiddling needed.

Today's arrival was the exception, it cost a couple of pennies and it is a beautiful plow made by Edmond Carter Troy, N.Y.. Not a clue when but I my best guess is near the turn of the Century, and it came with what I expect were the 8 original cutters made by W. Butcher, Sheffield in a tool roll no less. All I did to the plow was put it together and sharpen one of the irons. It worked perfectly. What a joy a good wood plow is to use.

Not the best photo because of the backlight.

From the front.

And the bottom line, how good is the groove.

This one may replace my beloved Sandusky as my goto plow, at first use it is that good.



  1. That is a nice plane. Were these wooden plows made in left and right hand versions?

    I have a W Butcher chisel from about the same era and the steel is amazing, probably the best of any tool I own.

  2. Andy,

    Thanks, It is one of the prettiest I've seen. I've never come across a left handed version but it wouldn't surprise me if there were a few in the wild. Someday I'll come across a Butcher chisel that is in good enough shape to buy but so far no joy.