Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Started New Travel Bench

Last year's travel bench replaced my old sharpening bench after the PNW trip. It served well on the trip but it is now in use in the shop and not available for travel.

I made a trip to the woodstore yesterday, they had some 12/4 Poplar in stock at a fair price for the desert so it will be the base wood. I also picked up a small piece of 8/4 Poplar for the short cross stretchers.

I rough cut the 8/4 short stretchers yesterday. The 12/4 stock is marked for rough cutting to size for the legs and long stretchers. The woodstore was short on 8/4 Beech for the slab, it will require a return trip.

A photo of the Poplar, even Poplar is a heavy sucker once it gets 12/4 thick.

Here is last year's bench:



  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Any planed changes from the last traveling bench?

    1. Anon,

      Not many, the first bench worked well. I will make the legs and stretchers out of Poplar instead of the construction grade DF of the first bench, mostly for appearance. The other change will be the slab. The first was a single 8/4 Beech board because I didn't have time to do a glue up slab. This slab will be a glue up of 8/4 Beech boards because I have time to do it and so I can make it slightly thicker and easier to keep flat.