Friday, February 23, 2018

I Will Not Use FedEx As Long As They Support the NRA

The title says it all. I could not look myself in the mirror in the mornings knowing I was supporting a company that funded a political organization providing tools for mass killers no matter how many good folks are members.

Back to woodworking:

Today I'm making legs for a small vernacular stool and have been reminded how much work there is to shaping Maple. Add in I seldom turn, my best guess it has been at least several years since the last time I did a couple of chisel handles, these leg tenons should be fun.

Here is a photo of the leg shaping jig and the mess left from shaping one leg:

A photo of the shaped leg in the lathe so I can form the tenon:

This is a project that may never see the light of day but whatever it should be fun.




  1. Hooray! "Kill the NRA!". Back to fighting racism, xenophobia, bigotry, oligarchy and about a dozen more vile insinuations tearing democracy apart. And. Sometimes, a good wood project.

  2. Thanks for this. I couldn't make up my mind about whom to use Fed ex or UPS. Fed Ex all the way. Being a life member of the NRA. Appreciate your comments.

  3. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I hate to see any political messages in non-political forums or blog posts I visit. But when one is about saving human lives or avoiding unnecessary losses of decent lives or sufferings, I say Way to Go!


  4. Richard,

    I do not think opposing the current agenda of the NRA is political but instead is a matter of comfort and safety that touches everyone. Others may believe differently and some just live to piss of a libturd (of course without a clue what pisses off a libturd).

    Bottom line, I agree and try most of the time to keep politics out of my blog but some things are too important to ignore. This is one of those times.


  5. These are blogs. Writers have every right to express their opinions on their blogs and readers have every right not to read them if they don't like it. Sometimes I agree with their opinion, as in this case, sometimes I don't. As long as they are expressed in a civil manner, I think they are fine. Notice that Ken writes that many NRA members are good folks.

    Quite apart from the policy positions taken, I find the rude, nasty, uncivil language of the NRA's CEO and spokesperson at CPAC revolting and disgusting. Saying the kinds of things about their opponents that they do is absolutely horrible. I feel exactly the same way about what some people on the far left say about gun owners. This kind of thing is what is tearing us apart.

    Consumer boycotts are a perfectly legitimate and admirable part of a free society.

  6. Andy,

    Thanks. While I'm a card carrying member of the ACLU and I would guess a Libturd to most RWNJs this post or the boycott is not political. It's simply the gun carnage along with the open intimidation from our current gun laws has to stop. The first step to doing that is to reduce the power of the current NRA.

    I do find the drive of RWNJ to piss off folks like me sad because as posted above they don't have a clue what pisses us off and what they think pisses us off doesn't. Mostly it just shows how gullible and easy to con they are.

    Back to woodworking, I'll post some photos of shaping the maple legs for the staked stool I'm building.


  7. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I first heard about this today. I was never a member of the NRA, but I am tonight. I hope this boycott works as well as the boycott of Chik Fil A was.

    Mark Schreiber

  8. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Well said, Ken. It is a tragedy that outfits like the NRA champion hatred and division in order to increase the profits of their real members, rather than the health and welfare of the community they make their profits from.

    Keep feeling a moral outrage over the abuse of power that politicians think as a normal way to make (or keep) their fortunes.


  9. As a Canadian I will probably never really understood American fascination with their guns...
    i am not against guns, i have fired everything in between a .177 pellets gun to a 105. Howitzer. However i cannot understand nor agreed with having liberal access to military grade weapons I e full auto rifle assault rifles. Cant used it for hunting, used it for defense?. Maybe if a boatloads of bad guys is upon you.. how unlikely!. I you want to shoot such weapons, join the military and have fun...

    Back to reality, our blogs are personal. Read them Or leave them. We all have our opinions...and that is OK.
    Nice legs Ken :-)

    Bob, who has not fired a gun since leaving the military and is still doing fine...

    1. Bob,

      It is a sickness. I'm like you and I think most Americans, I have nothing against guns or gun owners. Growing up on a West Texas dirt farm and having avid outdoors people as parents, I had my first .22 rifle before the 1st. grade in school. My folks either hunted or fished every weekend of their life and up until I found out that girls smelled better than a dead fish or deer I was with 'em.

      Mass murder, hell just murder or killing anything without purpose, is sick but also walking around in public with a external death penis on display is the action of a sick puppy as well. Arizona is an open carry state, I can't tell you how uncomfortable it makes me to be in a checkout line behind or in front of some sick yahoo with a hogleg strapped to his waist. Mentally challenged folks should not have guns.

      As I have stated, RWNJ's haven't a clue what pisses off liberals which is a shame because almost their every action is meant to piss off liberals. BTW, I don't think boycotting the NRA is a liberal stance. It is non-political, with merely a self preservation motive. Of course as with all things in life YMMV.

      Thanks, while they were a lot of work and I expect this first staked stool will end up in the firepit they were enjoyable to make. There isn't much that compares to the feel and sound of a good wood stock plane with a sharp iron on wood. Of course my back begs to differ this morning :-).


    2. Bob,

      I forgot to add: I don't care (and it sure doesn't piss me off) if someone joins the NRA but I do care about companies that I support with my money using that money to support the NRA.

      Back on my meds and posts about working wood and life at Casa Chaos.


  10. Peter,

    My family has fought the good fight from before there was a Texas, because we were in Texas we would usually lose but that's another story :-).