Saturday, February 10, 2018

Kitchen Cart Out of Clamps

I just removed the clamps from the kitchen cart, like Ralph will note, it didn't talk to me as they came off. With the exception of one joint, one of the lower (shelf) stretchers, every joint is tight. The lower stretcher joint isn't bad, just not as tight as the others. Stuff happens, I may or may not try to hide it.

One more photo of the unfinished cart:

I had planned on taking some photos of the joints before glue up but no joy. MsBubba was helping and she has a short attention span with all things shop and once the glue up started there was no time for photos.

Ralph and I think Andy asked for some construction detail.

In the above photo you can see some of the joints, click 'em to big 'em. The three aprons have double tenons with a shoulder and a web between the tenons. The front top stretcher is dovetailed and the bottom one has double stub tenons. The bottom stretchers have a single tenon and are grooved to hold the bottom shelf slats. The slats have a tongue to fit the groove and are not glued in.

The mortises were chopped with the trusty 1/2" pig sticker. The tenons were split out and cleaned up with the router plane. Stock prep was by hand with only the reference/show faces finished. In other words pretty conventional construction and also quick and dirty.

I've drawer stock rough sized and a big hunk of Hard Maple for the top still in the truck bed. Once MsBubba is awake I'll prep and make the butcher board top out of the Maple. If I can keep the day off running of the streets under control this sucker should be finished before the weekend is over.



  1. Looks great and really stout. I think she will really like it. My wife likes hers as much as anything I have ever made her.

  2. Silence when unclamping is golden. It usually signifies that the joinery is spot on.

  3. Andy,

    Thanks, I still have the drawer to finish and that is just finding a bottom and face for it. All the build is done, we rolled it into the kitchen just to see how it fits a couple of hours ago. I think she is pleased.


  4. Ralph,

    I don't think there was a lose joint in the build, doesn't happen often, usually there is at least one that could be tighter, but then I usually draw bore so all I really worry about are the shoulders.