Sunday, March 04, 2018

Have I Ever Told You How Much I Hate Pulling Wire

MsBubba wants lights in the back garden. Our house was built in the 70's and did not have a single external outlet when we bought it. Over the years I've added a few but not enough to keep the boss happy. A couple of problems with adding circuits is the house's main load center is full as is MsBubba's studio load center and about the only other source is the shop's load center. The bad news is it is full as well but there was one 20 amp breaker that was a single. I changed it out for a 20 amp double and started pulling wires. After spending most of the morning cussing and muttering and with only two trips to HD I have wire to a junction box under the patio roof. Over the next couple of weeks with more cussing and muttering along with more trips to Home Depot I'll add three or four outlets and some lights over the patio bar.

Before I was rudely reminded I had promised to wire the back garden this morning I was making good progress on the travel bench. The top brindle joints on all four legs are cut and two of the four stretcher through mortises are finished. With one good day in the shop I can finish the base. Problem is between work and the Grandpeanut coming to Tucson in a couple of weeks I'm not sure when that one good day will happen.

A photo of the legs in progress:



  1. That bench looks like it is going to be heavy. Are you going to be able to stow it and put it together and stow it again? Just thinking out loud.
    I don't do wiring anymore. I call Manny, he comes, he does, and I give him a sliding lid box. He's happy and so am I.

    1. Ralph,

      It will be a little heavier but because it breaks down into eight parts no one part will be too heavy for one person to move. That said I may get MsBubba to help with loading the slab into the motorhomes' luggage bin because the bin is low and awkward to load.

      Tell Manny I'll give him two boxes :-). I need a Manny.


  2. Watch your back on that one.