Monday, August 21, 2017

Waiting On The Vise Screw

The vise screw is scheduled for delivery sometime tomorrow. While waiting for the screw I'm putting together a Japanese style tool box to transport the needed tools.  That may make carrying around a work bench worthwhile or maybe not..

It is a simple build, I'm sure I'm making it more complex than needed but that is the Western way :-). I cheated and dug out and blew all the dust off the old biscuit joiner. BTW, it took a couple of minutes of butt scratching to remember how to use it. Finally figured it out and used it for the end butt joints. The cut nails should add a little to the strength but I suspect they will be more decorative  than anything else.

I'll tongue and grove the bottom slats if time permits.

I have not decided on a sliding tray or not, right now I'm leaning toward yes.

Labor Day is barreling done on us and I have no days off before we leave for Oregon.



  1. Steve D9:56 AM

    Nice tool box. I have one of those on my to do list. It seems like a manageable size for traveling tools.


  2. I vote yes on the sliding tray. As for the biscuits, call them floating tenons and you'll feel better. That's what I do. :)

  3. Steve,

    Thanks, I think it will work for a traveling tool box. I just finished it with the exception of the sliding tray.


  4. Andy,

    I like the way you think. BTW I made another tool box several weeks ago with just using cut nails and it was a disaster. I'm not sure if it will ever be finished, even for a tool box it is too ugly to live.

    The sliding tray will be done once the vise is finished...Screw should be here today.