Saturday, August 05, 2017

Beavering Away

I made it to the shop early this AM not that it has helped much. Sweat is pouring and breaks are often. But whatever, the bench is taking shape. I finished  chopping the second tusk mortise and fitting the tenon key. After a short "cool down" and posting of the morning results I'll get back in the saddle.

Yesterday afternoon was a waste. I had nothing booked until the last minute one of the suits realized another instructor and I were in our "late grace Month" and we had to be checked now. The significance of "late grace" is if I'm not checked before the end of August every client I trained durning the months of June, July, and August will have non-compliant training and would have to be flown back to be re-trained and re-checked on our dime. Nothing to do but monkey suit on, drive to work, meet up with the other instructor and the TCE that is checking us....All bitching about everything because all of us were wasting a day off. 

The other instructor went first and I flew right seat because he had more things needing checking. He flew a pretty nice ride considering we seldom touch the controls. After he finished we broke for coffee and another round of bitching about the unfairness of life and all things great and small. Back to the Sim, climbing into the seat was interesting because my back didn't like how I did getting into the right one and liked my technique of climbing into the left seat even less. 

We started getting switches switched and buttons pushed when my right seater looked up and the visuals were 'flickering' , enough to make him want to toss his cookies. After much back and forth, and trying different scenes, day, night, dusk, dawn, landing lights on/off, good WX, bad, different airports we gave up and wrote it up. Now the Sim is AOG (aircraft on the ground) and is down until the techs can find and fix the problem. Several hours later after more coffee and bitching the Sim Techs threw in the towel and we all went home.

One more thing, the tech at the MRI shop called during all this mess to inform me that even though my insurance approved doing a MRI the didn't approve paying for one done by the shop the Doctor sent me to. The Monday MRI is cancelled and I'm pissed. It is really difficult to get me, MsBubba, and the MRI machine all in the same place at the same time. Now I have to start all over. 

The day did end on a high note with the pool, whisky, MsBubba and of course Sweet Maggie Dog dropping her ball on my head so I will throw it back into the pool...Life isn't all bad.  



  1. Life is what you make of it...for sure...:-)

    Bob, keeping an eye out on the thermometer before venturing outside my AC comfort zone to work outside...

  2. Ain't that the truth :-).

    If you set foot outside it is two showers a day here in the Old Pueblo, probably should be three or four.