Friday, August 25, 2017

Moravian WorkBench Finished

Talk about working without a net. We leave for Oregon one week from today and all that is left to do is a little "clean up" on the bench and make a tool tray for the tool box. All done with a insane work schedule which BTW I'm working every day up to leaving. The joinery on the bench is not the prettiest I done but it is solid. My excuse is the whole thing was done in a rush....That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I'll pick the Motorhome up from the RV shop this afternoon and then the moment of truth. Did my measurements work or did I have a brain fart and nothing fits in the proper storage bins. I do have a backup plan, I don't want to use, but if nothing fits in the bins I can carry it all in the Honda Fit Toad.

BTW, if you look behind the fan the tool box is standing on end.

See you guys on down the road,



  1. That sure is a great travel bench and it looks really nice. I will be interested to know how it is in use.

  2. Steve D8:32 AM

    I've heard of people using a "bench on bench." That looks like it will be handy for dovetailing the sides of bookcases.

    All seriousness aside, it looks great. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Andy,

    What little I've been able to try with it it is rock solid. The leg vise holds very well after a little adjustment of the slab getting it dead square to the chop and putting a leather face on the chop.

    I'll know for sure by the end of September :-).


  4. Steve,

    Yep it is a touch tall :-).