Thursday, August 03, 2017

First Fit of Moravin Bench

There is still a lot to go but I wanted to see how it will look...Not too bad.

There is a set of small dove tailed stretchers to fit near the bottom of the legs. The tops of the legs will be planed flush across and the pegs to hold the top will need installing. All the tenons need trimming flush or to length as will the slab and someday glue and pegs to keep it all together.

 After that a tool tray to fill out the top and a vise once the screw arrives.

The good news: You don't have to squint too hard to see a bench.


  1. Coming along nice, curious to hear reports of its performance on the road...

    Bob, with the AC units going full blast, not quite your weather but for here...its plenty warm 29C before the Humidex

  2. Steve D6:36 AM

    Hi Ken,
    Just curious, how do the tops attach to the base for portable use?

    Your bench build is much faster than mine was.

  3. Bob,

    I hope it is finished in time, a bench without an apron doesn't work that well without a vise....The vise screw is going to be the key.

    We are in full Monsoon, High RH's for the desert, heavy rains almost every afternoon, and usually over 38C by 1100. MsBubba and I have been talking about putting a ACed workshop for the hand tools in the front garden. If I keep whining she may say OK.

    Give Rudy an extra scratch for me,


  4. Steve,

    The slab will set on 4 19mm or 25mm dowels, the two front dowel mortises will fit tightly, the back two will be slightly elongated.

    That, faster build, may be because I tend to build work benches to be work benches. No difficult joints and some are embarrassing to show but as long as they are strong and functional it is good enough. I've never understood the concept of building a show bench, build to function and then make furniture on it.

    Or it could be, I'm older than dirt and once you are my age there ain't that many things distracting other than...."Oh look squirrels".


  5. Steve D5:58 AM

    Hi Ken,

    That looks like a lot of overhang for a gravity attached top. Maybe turnable tabs that engage slanted slots in the legs would give you an easily removable but positive attachment.


  6. Steve,

    It is a lot of over hang in the photo but that is just the slab un-sized. Once the base is finished the slab will be cut so it does not extend pass the bottom of the legs. I could be wrong, and I've been known to be, the four pegs shouldn't have a problem. Best I can tell that is the traditional way the slab was attached. And even more important from my satisfaction standpoint I want to be able to assemble and teardown with nothing but a mallet.

    BTW, the farther I get into the build the more I appreciate the thought and knowledge that went into this portable bench. The Moravian's were sharp dudes.