Monday, August 14, 2017

MRI Today

Not much done today. They gave me a "happy pill" so I could stay in the MRI tube long enough to get the needed image.  Damn it is a loud sucker, it would help if they gave you a countdown clock so you would know how much longer. Anyway bottom line I was an adult and did as told with the help of meds.

It's after 1700 here and still no UPS girl with the vise screw. I'm also waiting for a set of Narex firmer chisels. Tracking claims they will be delivered before 2100 maybe both will come.

What's with no one making classic firmer chisels? I've been watching eBay, damn I hate to buy off eBay, for a while because new is almost impossible to find. I did break down and buy a "buy it now" 1/2" Weatherby firmer a couple of days ago. It cost almost as much as the 1/4" to 1" set of Narex firmers. I hope the Narex are as good as most say they are because buying off eBay is such a crap shoot.

I of course need more chisels like a new hole in the head but I've a real jones for some firmer chisels....Why?  Because, just because. My story is I'm tired of the cuts on my left hand index finger from my paring chisels but the real reason is because



  1. MRI for the shoulder that you had worked on earlier in the year? Or something else? Seems like it's always something as we get older. Hope it's OK.

  2. Matt,

    Nope, new area....lower back this time. yep pretty soon I'll just roll a cot into the Dr's office and live there.

    While I've enjoyed passing through each stage of life and with few if any regrets this falling apart of the body sucks.


  3. Ken doesn't Blue Spruce sell firmers? If he doesn't maybe you can get him to make a set.
    Being an ex sub sailor, MRI tubes are like sleeping in my bed.

  4. Ralph,

    I don't know, the problem I have with Blue Spruce chisels is they are made with A2. While A2 will work with plane irons the need for greater than 30 degree bevels is a deal breaker for chisels. There are other sharpening issues with A2 as well but the need for high angle cutting edge the biggest problem. I wish Blue Spruce would make O1 chisels because I think they are beautifully made and if they did I would tote the note for a set as fast as I could whip out the AmEx.

    I would have never made a sailor and sleeping on a Sub would have me sent to the funny farm in a heart beat.