Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Vise Screw Is Here

The Vise screw arrived late yesterday afternoon. We leave for Oregon in just a little over a week, things are getting down to the nut cutting with little time left. That is the bad news. The good is everything is falling into place and the work bench with tool box may make the trip.

The vise chop is almost finished, all that is left is shaping and glueing up the parallel guide. After that boring the screw hole in the vise backer, making the mortise for the parallel guide in the vise backer and mounting the nut. And the fat lady will sing something like "I want you to love me like you loved me when you really did".

No photographs because the camera battery is still DOA.

The tool box is finished other than a sliding tray.

Parts for the Motorhome are to be drop shipped by Friday....And he sticks the landing to cheers of the crowd. Like I have said many times it is better to be lucky than good.

Photos when I can,


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