Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Dirty Fat Girl is For Sale

There is a time for all things in life. A time to do and a time to stop. It is time to stop riding motorcycles. I've been on the cusp for a little over a year, it has been such a big part of my life I didn't know how I would take just walking away so I've put off the finial decision. This last week I was helped to that decision by a client who needed "The Conversation". Telling someone they are too old and no longer have the skills to fly is one of the hardest things we do....It's hard for the client, it's hard for the instructor. I have never wanted to impose the duty on anyone. I walked away from flying seven years ago, a job that let this dumb West Texas farm boy see more of the world and do things that most never see or do. It was a good life. My riding has also been a good life, I've done things I've always wanted to do e.g. riding coast to cost in less than 50 hours, going to Sturges with good friends, and other long rides through day and night in all weather and conditions from 13 degrees at night to 118 degrees mid afternoon through Death Valley. It has been great but it is now time to hang up my Motoport and Shoei for the last time.

As the title of this post says, The Dirty Fat Girl is for sale. She is a '08 Goldwing with less than 90,000 miles, built for Rallies and long distance riding in all weather. Some of the major mods are: Mega Monte Traxxon suspension, Phillps 4G HID running lights, three Garmin GPS, radar detector with laser shifter and screamer, trailer hitch, Windbender with farkel shelf and rake kit, new heated seat, Centramatic wheel balancers, reading light, TPMS. to name a few of the useful mods. There will also be lots of accessories for sale including three Motoport Kelvar riding suits, a couple of Fox Creek leather jackets, and many boots, helmets, heated undergear and other stuff.

The price for The Dirty Fat Girl is fair for both the seller and the buyer and is firm at $12000 USD.

From the front:


  1. I'm sorry to hear of any motorcyclist giving up the sport, but good for you, for making a very tough decision. I'm 61 and only started riding ten years ago but I know the day will come when I will face the same decision. Good luck.

  2. You don't say why you are giving it up and I don't want to pry. I've read that one major reason is knees, which is an issue for me. I know this is a bit sissy, but I am riding a maxi-scooter around town and really enjoying it. It's light, very maneuverable and has a ton of storage that makes it very practical. I see a lot of other old guys like me on scooters.

    As for flying, I gave it up when I had children because I just couldn't fly enough hours to feel like I was maintaining my proficiency. My only distinction as a pilot is that my log book was signed by Orville Wright III on my long cross country. I have always wanted to fly gliders (real ones, not hang gliders) but at 230 lbs, the instructor and I could never make the weight limit for the trainer together. Almost enough motivation to go on a diet!

  3. KP,

    You should have a few years to go and some of it depends on the type of riding you do. Throw a leg over when you can and be careful, you hear.


  4. Andy,

    Mostly because I'm older than dirt. My eyes while good enough for normal activity do not function well at night, that with slowed recognition and reaction time due to aging are the reasons. My last long ride was a quick run to Oregon and I found myself riding 40 mph up I-5 as I neared the Oregon border. What was intended to be a BumBurner Gold (1500 miles in less than 24 hours) didn't even get close.

    That's when I made the decision, it has just taken awhile to accept it.

    If you really want to fly gliders run down to McMinnville and talk to Judy. She might be able to help you out. If you do, tell the airport bums "hi, from Ken", there might be a couple that remember me.