Sunday, February 22, 2015

Number 4 Sized Planes

Damn there is a herd of those suckers.

From left to right:LN #4 with LV PM-V11 iron, LN 41/2 with Veritas O-1iron, Type 9 Stanley with Hock O-1, Veritas Smoother with PM-V11, shop made Beech stock with Veritas tapered single iron, a type 13 Stanley with Hock O-1, a Record #4 with Hock O-1, The Record #4 was the first "good' plane I acquired back in the mid 70's, then a type 13 Stanley's with a PM-V11 iron, and last a early (could be a type 9) Stanley Frankenplane with a small adjustment knob and Woodriver iron.

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