Thursday, February 12, 2015

Coffee Table Short Rows

The coffee table base has been dry fitted, the draw bore holes drilled, and I've started chopping the twelve button mortises in the stretchers. Once the button mortises are finished the stretchers and the legs need final shaping and smoothing before pegging that sucker together.

I've some very nice 6/4 Walnut for the top and maybe a couple of days off this weekend to finish the top.  The coffee table could be doing coffee table duties by sometime next week.

I've SWMBO entertainment duties the following weekend before starting the next couple of projects; a bath vanity for my bathroom and a tall side board for the dining room. So many project, so little time.

Of course so little time could be because of the shop "black hole effect", as one of MsOK's friends put it "everything goes it but nothing comes out".


  1. Ken,
    I need pics of the draw boring. Lots of them.

  2. Ralph,

    All the bores are drilled, both mortise and tenon. All that is left after I finish shaping the legs and stretchers is to knock the pegs home. I will try to get a photo of the offset before I peg 'em, may or may not work.

    BTW I agree with you, even though I have a couple of sets of draw bore pins I almost never use them. I clamp the joint to get it as close as possible then just drive the peg. That way works pretty good for me. About the only thing I will do differently is sometimes I will use hot hide glue, sometimes not and just rely on the mechanical lock. Truth is glue is kinda like wearing belts and suspenders.