Friday, February 27, 2015

Number 5 Sized Planes

Continuing to document my tools. Photographed on the new coffee table with Sam the Wonder Dog guarding them in his usual alert fashion.

From left to right: A shop made Beech Krenov style with a Veritas single tapered iron, a LN with a PM-V11 iron, a type 11 Stanley with a heavy cambered OEM iron, another type 11 Stanley with Stanley iron, a type 9 Stanley with OEM iron, a Woodriver with PM-V11 iron, and a Tsunesaburo 70mm with a Swedish Sandvik carbon steel iron.  


  1. I thought I had a problem with the herd of planes I have.

  2. Ralph,

    It's sad, sick, or something. As I posted earlier I've had the chance to sell some but I keep falling back on "what if". Now I know "what if" will likely never happen but....

    Anyway if after I finish the house burns down and all my computer files go with it I'll have a record of my tools stored on the blog.


  3. How's your experience with the Tsunesaburo 70mm with a Swedish Sandvik? I'm thinking of getting the 48mm one.