Saturday, February 14, 2015

Coffee Table Base

The coffee table base is pegged and waiting a little top rail clean up and the top. Sorry Ralph, no photos of the draw boring as there wasn't much to photograph. A bath vanity is next on the list of honeydos, I'll try to remember and document each step of the draw boring process. BTW, on the long stretchers I used the draw bore pins to get everything tight and alined, it was easier than using long clamps. For the short stretchers clamps were easier.

It's in the den just to get it out of the way, back out to the shop later to finish cleanup and finishing before adding the top.


  1. Ken did you have any problems with the holes being elongated or too big after the fact?

  2. Ralph,

    The Beech is pretty hard so no trouble with elongating or misshaping the bores. I did have one peg blow up on me as I finished driving it home. Not a big problem as it was almost seated, it just will not plane as smooth as I would like. If I keep my mouth shut no one will notice.

    Knowing the Beech is strong I may have used a little too much offset, I used about 2mm where in reality 1mm would be enough to pull the joint up tight and strong. Whatever, this base will not rack nor fall apart, In a hundred years it may be firewood, not because it failed but because someone tired of it.