Friday, February 27, 2015

Making a Small Box This AM

I hadn't cut a dovetail in a couple of weeks, can't let that happen too often for too long. I think it was Ralph that said if it has been some time between now and the last time you did a procedure you had better do a couple of practice joints before doing one for keeps.

Anyway if you pick your woods, in this case Maple and Spanish Cedar, you can hide a lot of rust. I've some Walnut already trued that will make the top and bottom. Still, bottom line it's going to be a "second" and will end up in the gift pile.

The box in progress:

I'll start rough dimensioning the bath vanity this afternoon, that and shop maintenance should take care of today. One of the shop maintenance items will be setting up the new CBN wheel with a Tormek tool rest/chisel-plane iron jig.

I like the Tormek for the precision and cool cutting but it is, as is well known, slow. The CBN wheel works reasonably cool and is much faster. While I keep the Shaptons available I'm always trying to get away from water.  BTW, I still love me some oil stones but they are slow, will not work well with all my chisels, and need a strop to finish.

The CBN wheel and Spyderco stone, which will cut any tool iron, will allow me to eliminate water for 90/95% of my sharpening and requires no more stone maintenance than oil stones.

That's the plan.

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