Sunday, February 22, 2015


It, insanity, happens when I have more than two days off in a row with nothing but shop time planned. For some reason I think if I just stir it around some more I can fit ten pounds of poop into that metaphorical five pound bag. I keep trying but the results are mostly the same.

I did a total re-arrange of the machine area of the shop today. Bottom line there is too much stuff in not enough space and no amount of moving it around will change that fact by much but today's changes did give the machine area or at least the area between the machines and the bench area a more open feel. That's about all I can hope for.

Here's a bad photo looking into the shop.

Along the east wall, to the right side of the table saw, is a walk way and wood storage. the good news most of the machine work is with the jointer and planer and they have more space for working than they had with the old arrangement.

I've been thinking about this change for several months and while not a big improvement I think it will make for an easier work flow.

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