Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Blogger Eating My Reply

MsBubba, Sweet Maggie Dog, and I are in the wilds of southern AZ, so close to the Mexican border our cell phones have welcomed us to Mexico. It is hard to believe but the State Park has functioning WiFi, that is the good news. The bad is Blogger ate all my posts.

I tried twice to post a well composed, witty, and informative reply to Ralph, Blogger ate both. I’ll try once more:, not as well composed nor witty: I’ve used a notched guide to dill one or two dog holes with success before. I can think of only a couple of things that could go wrong, you did not marry the drill and the notch or the sides of the notch were not vertical. Just one dog hole? Ain’t no way, I use too many dogs, stops, battens, and holdfasts to get by with just one. While the vise is used, other ways to hold work are used more.



  1. Enjoy your travels. I trust that mass quantities of tacos and whiskey consumed! (ツ)

  2. Thanks Stan, guilty as charged :-). Patagonia is a beautiful part of the Southern Arizona desert, because of a very strong monsoon season this year everything was "Springtime" green and stunning.

    I've finished preparing all but the two smallest chisels of the set and they are ready to be put to work on the next project. They sharpen easily and I expect will be a joy in use.

    BTW the next project may be something new to me. MsBubba wants a "Kick Wheel" for her ceramics studio. I've been looking at photos and it looks to be an interesting project other than most of the photos show using metal fasteners to hold it together. I may see if most of the joints can be changed to wood to wood.


  3. A kick wheel as in a potter wheel? A table like were you spin the wheel platform with your feet.

    Bob, expecting yet another storm to blast by us

  4. Bob,

    Yeah, MsBubba has a complete potter's studio on the East side of the house, my shop is on the West side. I don't know if that is significant or not but it gives us something to do when we get on each other's nerves :-).

    She found an example of a wood frame kick wheel that looks interesting and could be a fun build. BTW, back in the day when we had two wheels (burned the motor out of one and never replaced it) we would throw pots together which was a fun way to spend an evening but that has been a few years. I'm sure I can still throw but...