Monday, February 25, 2019

MsBubba's Desk With Top

The desk is coming along. The slab is sized and needs clean up and beveling. I'll start on the drawer tomorrow or Wednesday.

The joys of home ownership. I expect because of the amount of rain we have had the pool retaining wall fell this weekend. The original contractor is out of town, so no idea what the repair cost will be but I bet I don't want to know. Oh well, it's only money.

BTW, because of the problems of Unplugged Shop I'm building a reading list. I'm digging through my history to find blogs I like to read. It is a PITA to do it that way and I expect some will be missed. If you would like for me to read your blog please either reply with your URL or email me with the URL so I can add it to the list.



  1. Looks nice Ken.

    The problems with Unplugged Shop are disappointing.

    1. Thanks Andy, I've added your blog to my list. Although it looks like Unplugged Shop is back up and running this episode made me realize there is a need for backup links. BTW, I loved your last post on the portable workbench and tool boxes.


  2. I found myself that having an RSS feed reader is terribly handy for that (I use ttrss myself but there are others). Plus, you can point Unplugged at the RSS feed reader as well, so best of both worlds.