Sunday, February 24, 2019

MsBubba's Desk In Glue Up

The desk is in glue up. At this point it is what it is.

MsBubba wanted the base painted, the reason for Poplar, so once out of the clamps I'll turn the panting job over to her.

A couple of days to make and fit a drawer and trim the top and this sucker will be out of the shop. My work schedule next week is a late afternoon show with a finish at 2200. Those couple of days may not come until next week.

I used Old Brown Glue for the glue up, it needs a good 24 hours to set. I expect the rest of the day will be spent sharpening iron, having a whiskey or two, and a afternoon nap. Life in the desert is good.



  1. Yes, add a few pool laps in the snow and... life is good :-)
    I guess you and Ralph are passing me by with our three similar build... better get on with it …

    Bob, the procrastinator with a purpose (?)

  2. Bob,

    You're retired which means you're too busy to get 'er done :-). Ralph and I on the other hand....

    MsBubba has been retired for a couple of months now and her life is a blur. Not much happening in her studio but her social life is hard to keep up with.