Sunday, February 24, 2019

MsBubba's Desk

The desk build is moving very slowly but at least it is moving. I'm doing the final fitting and prep for gluing up the base this AM. If MsBubba doesn't have other plans the base should be in clamps by afternoon.

The bench build itch is strong this morning. As I've posted before, even though I've never given birth I think building benches is similar, six months to a year afterwards you forget the pain and only remember the joy. For some reason the joy is there this morning. It could be because of an online conversation I've had with a possible Moravian bench builder about his vise choice.

If portability is not important it opens up the types of vises that will work, everything from English QR to even Pattern Maker type vises as well as different end vises if you are an end vise person. With a little thought the core ability to break the bench down for moving or even shipping could be retained but I expect it would take more than one person to handle the slab with a couple of metal vises hanging on it.

Anyway it got me to thinking about what changes would be needed to use Benchcrafted vise hardware with its "crisscross" and the wagon vise hardware. Would either vise improve the bench as a shop bench? I have my doubts but there is only one way to find out.

Of course there are one or two major problems with that. Where would I put that sucker when finished. I could sell one of the current benches if the new bench worked out to be better but what if it didn't and frankly the Lake Erie wood screw leg vise on the current benches would be very hard to beat.

I expect this madness to pass but I hope the woodstore doesn't put either its Ash or Beech on sale any time soon.

A couple of chairs and some short stools up once the desk is out of the shop.



  1. Steve D1:19 PM

    Is MsBubba's desk getting a vise? Would be handy for holding papers and clearing jammed staplers.

    1. Steve,

      Not a bad idea, question is leg or English QR. I'll run it by SWMBO :-)


  2. Steve D3:33 PM

    If she's using a keyboard on it, an end vise with bench dogs might be in order.