Sunday, February 17, 2019

More Photos of The Bench Tool Rack

Andy asked for some more photos of the tool rack.

The tool tray is removed so you can see the rack.

Looking down the rack from the left end of the bench.

From overhead.



  1. I would guess that you don't find the tools sticking up above the bench to be in the way? I had one on the left side of my bench and took it off because it always seemed to get in the way.

    1. Ralph,

      I've had a tool rack on the back side of the main slab for years in the form of a split fill. I kinda thought the tool tray would function the same but it doesn't. So you are correct, 99% of the time it is no problem for that 1% I just move the tools that are in the way, it is no biggie and keeps the slab somewhat clear more times than not.