Friday, March 15, 2019

MsBubba's Desk Version II

The desk changed a little 😀.

I made a measuring mistake on the first build and it didn't fit well in the space available. I made a couple of small changes to make it fit and it did but damn it was butt ugly. The base is now in the back garden, where it will live while waiting for a top or a trip to the fire pit.

I don't know if the mistake was subconscious or not but it allowed me to build the desk I wanted to in the first place. This time with MsBubba's blessing.

The desk with a coat of Danish oil, waiting for it to cure.

Over the last year or so I've become a fan of vernacular furniture. To my eye it just looks right in our house. There may be some argument from MsBubba but I think she is coming around.

In Casa Chaos news: The wall (kinda a retaining wall but not really) between the pool and the gully fell the day of our big snow. The bids are out for the repair job but none received yet. I don't think I really want to know but whatever it has to be done.

After years of being deaf as a post I got a hearing aid yesterday. I didn't realize what a beautiful, pleasant world I had lived in for the last 20 or so years. Damn the world is noisy, even turning on a light switch sounds like a gun going off and this morning I could have sworn the washing machine was defective. It may still be but whatever it seemed to have washed the load. If it wasn't for being able to understand MsBubba when she talks to me and the wonderful sound of music from the radio I'd go back in a heartbeat. Oh, one other thing, the sound of a sharp plane on wood is beautiful.



  1. Steve D8:45 AM

    I like desk #2 much better. Much lighter design.

    Congrats on the hearing aid. I will remember to keep CAPS LOCK off for this blog.

    1. Thanks Steve. I'm with you, simple and light appeal to me. It may be a phase but I think not.

      LOL, I swear I can almost hear the caps lock now. One of the surprises is just how loud walking is. The world is no longer the peaceful place it once was.


  2. Been using hearing aids for almost 30 years. I prefer not to wear them when I don't really need them. You learn quick that Q-tips are wonderful gadgets and how can two ears produce so much &$%**( wax? One last tidbit, sweat and hearing aids mix as well as oil and water.
    On to the table. How are the legs attached? I can't see any aprons so you have my curiosity aroused. Like Steve I like this table better.

    1. Ralph,

      Summer In the desert may be fun :-). I expect once MsBubba is convinced I'll wear 'em and get my ataboys the hearing aids will spend as much time in my pocket as my ears.

      The legs are attached with beveled mortise and tenons (a chair making joint) that are wedged. While the slab is just under 50mm thick with the long legs I'm pushing the design by forgoing stretchers. The table is solid and steady but it doesn't feel like it would hold up a Mack truck. If I build another, and I expect I will, I will make the joint area at least 100mm thick.

      BTW, this was the first design I ran by MsBubba and she nixed it. With the mind fart on the first build I was able to get away with slipping this one in.